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Welcome to JobPort - Products and Services for Employers and Recruiters
For job seekers
Get targeted results
Rich job listing options:
  • Listings can be active from 1 to 12 weeks.
  • Highlighted listing option for your crucial positions.
  • Expired listings remain accessible from 1 to 12 weeks.
  • Edit/upload job description in either plain text or html.
  • Edit/upload job requirements in either plain text or html.
  • Edit/upload company profile in either plain text or html.
  • Edit/upload contact information in either plain text or html.
  • Ability to redirect applicants to your web site.
  • Definite categories to list your positions.
  • The ability to advertise bilingual positions.
  • Automated email alerts about applications.
  • Integrated postal and zip code database that lets job seeker find your positions based on postal codes and search radius.

Outstanding services and features
Added benefits of using JobPort include the following unparalleled and free services that comes with your free registration:
  • User administration that allows you to sign up and administer your colleagues so you can work in teams.
  • Project administration that helps you organize your work around projects, separate your finances and avoid repeated work.
  • Candidate pre-screening that allows you to screen out unqualified applicants.
  • Rank forms that allow you to collect and rank candidates in customizable folders.
  • Resume, cover letter, contact information and profile detail preview to easily prepare and file printed documents.

Excellent value

Become a JobPort member absolutely free. Take advantage of our introductory offer and valuable promotions. Save time and money with your recruiting needs. JobPort will save you 50% plus off your advertising and recruiting costs!

  • Our unique and award winning software will target accurate candidates toward your specific recruiting needs, relevant information, candidate/profile scoring, accurate targeted geographic areas, project management tools for your organization and much more!
  • You can have JobPort post your requirements for you, have your job listings automatically posted through a sweep program or post job listings yourself.
  • JobPort actively promotes your business and website, promoting public awareness of your organization with visibility on the internet.
  • You can advertise your company logo or banner on a highly visible page and have visitors go directly to your website.
  • We can create a professional website for you, and host it if you do not have a website.
  • We feature company profiles, advantages and give you the tools too edit/publish in real time.
  • You can instantly upload job positions or remove them.
  • You can literally use JobPort's features and software tools too do all your recruiting, in a safe and secure environment.
  • JobPort has 'Live Help' to quickly respond to any questions, concerns or suggestions!
  • JobPort is constantly evolving to make your recruiting and advertising a superior experience.

Call us today and start saving your precious time and money!

Easy to use
JobPort is easy to use. Explore our consistent pages and design that distinguishes us from others:
  • The live help that is one click away on every page. No download or plug-in required and you can get real-time online help right from a browser window.
  • Site tours to watch JobPort users in action.
  • Hierarchical menus and history menus that makes the navigation easy.
  • Flying tool tips that provide quick and short hints about menus.
  • One click help that provides an in-depth, detailed help about every page.
  • The site map that lists each function with a quick tool tip.
Skilled and helpful customer service
Our support services can do even more for you.

Send us your job listings in email in any format and we post your jobs. We set up your account, format and upload your listings.

Unlimited access, database sweeps and uploads are only a phone call away.

Our customer service and sales professionals are ready to serve you:

  • Through live help
  • By phone, toll free
  • In emails
  • In web mails
  • In writing

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